International QEEG Certification Board Online Course

The qEEG Certification Online Course satisfies the didactic and practicum requirement for the Diplomate Certification for licensed health-care professionals and the QEEG-Technologist Certification for EEG Technologists.

Online QEEG Certification Course

International QEEG Certification Board
Jay Gunkelman

Mary Tracy has deep experience in EEG, going back to the same era as when I started. I know how deep and wide that knowledge runs, and I trust few to navigate it without assistance as well as she does. You are in experienced and knowledgeable hands with Mary guiding your EEG/qEEG education.

Jay Gunkelman

John S. Anderson MA, LADC, BCB, BCN, QEEGD

Mary Tracy has become a guiding light in the fields of quantitative EEG/qEEG and Neurofeedback. Her decades of experience and training make her uniquely suited to provide an excellent, comprehensive training experience. She has a knack for explaining complex subjects in a way that allows new practitioners to understand and immediately put to use the knowledge she imparts. I highly recommend everyone from new practitioners to experienced clinicians make use of this resource to begin or improve their study of this most fascinating field.

John S Anderson, MA, LADC, BCB, BCN, qEEG-D

Why should you take this course?

Anyone with an interest in EEG analysis and Quantitative EEG can take this course. However, for IQCB Diplomate certification, one must follow the IQCB guidelines below.

International QEEG Certification Board

The International QEEG Board Certification process is the mark of distinction for providers of brain imaging and analysis services and establishes that an individual has met strict requirements and standards of practice in the field of QEEG technology.

Those who acquire QEEG Certification will join an international community of certified individuals who are recognized for their excellence in the delivery of a higher standard of knowledge and practice.

Who should take this course?

The International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB) Defines the Criteria for Candidates in the Following Acceptable Health Care Fields:

  • Those who are licensed/credentialed in clinical practice or present evidence of competency via CV or publications for board approval (required for Diplomate certification). This includes the professions of psychology, Doctor of Medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral analyst, social work, counseling, rehabilitation, chiropractic, recreational therapy, physician’s assistant, exercise physiology, speech pathology, and sports medicine. (Unlicensed providers must work under the supervision of an appropriately credentialed QEEG-D provider).
  • The IQCB will consider requests for special review for the demonstration of equivalency to IQCB-approved health care field.
  • A license for independent practice in the IQCB-approved health care field is required for QEEG-Diplomate certification.
  • Those who are unlicensed and wish to apply for the QEEG-Technologist certification must work under the supervision of a licensed and certified QEEG-Diplomate.

Please refer to the International QEEG Certification Board website at for a more detailed description of the certification process.

Learn the fundamentals of brain physiology and EEG/qEEG analysis

40 hours of content, 6-hour practicum videos. Additional in-person, hands-on training workshops available.

Online, self-paced QEEG Training Course for professionals.

What are the educational requirements for this course?

The key to gaining access to the salient technology and interpretive skills in quantitative electroencephalography is an education in the fundamentals of brain physiology and EEG/qEEG analysis.

This educational process involves the completion of both didactic course material and practical, skill-based knowledge. There are currently nine content areas (36 hours) of accredited coursework that are included in this course:

Blueprint of Knowledge

  • Recording & Editing Raw EEG and Artifact Detection
  • Basic Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy
  • Medication/Drug effects
  • Database Analysis
  • Clinical and Cognitive Aspects
  • Montages & Spectral and Topographic Aspects of the EEG
  • QEEG Analysis & Neurofeedback Application
  • Ethical & Professional Conduct
  • Practicum, Including Artifact Detection
IQEEGCE Online course blueprint of knowledge

Practicum Requirement

Practicum videos are included in this course content and satisfy the 6-hour practicum requirement. In addition, there will be opportunities to take additional in-person, hands-on training workshops.

QEEG certification practicum requirement

Criteria for Successful
Course Completion

Successful completion of the course includes completing quiz questions in the various content areas, passing a final exam, and submitting a course evaluation to the International QEEG Certification board.

  • Editing Raw EEG and Artifacts (10%)
  • Drug Effects (10%)
  • Database Analysis (25%)
  • Montages and Spectral Topgraphic Aspects of the EEG (25%)
  • Clinical and Cognitive Aspects (30%)
IQEEGCE Online course content

Please refer to the International QEEG Certification Board website at for a more detailed description of the educational requirements for this course

What Dr. Mary’s students are saying about this course

When you don’t know the answer, you go to Mary Tracy. She IS the encyclopedia of EEG and Neurofeedback. It doesn’t matter where the gap in your knowledge base is, she will find it. Every encounter with Mary makes you a better practitioner. Hell, every encounter makes you a better person. She is brilliant, kind, funny and can demystify the most complicated and confusing EEG challenges.

When I entered the world of QEEG and Neurofeedback I was overwhelmingly frustrated to find the field had yet to construct a clear, direct path of education and practical experience to create a well-rounded practitioner. I spent years jumping from one training to the next attempting to gather the puzzle pieces that would theoretically come together to make me a competent and well-versed Neurofeedback clinician. Along the way I met incredible mentors, educators, and practitioners who each shared their packet of wisdom and expertise. Yet I couldn’t get the whole picture of EEG and Neurofeedback to come together. And then by random luck, I met Mary Tracy. With her field experience, teaching skills and honestly, just her heart of gold, Mary found a way to string all those random pieces together so I could finally get “it.” Mary took the time to find the gaps I was missing and supportively fill them to complete the Neurofeedback puzzle. She is who I aspire to be.

Rhonda Osborne

Flatland Center for Brain Holyoke, CO, USA,

In March 2021, we had our first individual coaching with Mary Tracy. Since then, we have been looking forward to this weekly meeting. It is with great simplicity, clarity and kindness that Mary shares her experience and knowledge with us.

Merci à Mary for helping us strengthen our expertise.

Nathalie Clerc

Optima Neurofeedback. Marseilles, France,

I fully endorse Dr. Mary Tracy as an outstanding EEG and qEEG trainer. Mary brings experience, in-depth knowledge, and expertise to her learners and she presents with authenticity, compassion, and an understanding of the context at hand. I have benefited greatly from qEEG group training with Mary, and from individual training sessions, discussing and interpreting qEEG recordings and developing EEG training protocols for clients.

Linda Weber, RP, BCN, CCC, PhD

Ontario, Canada,

Since I started being coached by Dr. Mary Tracy, my knowledge of EEG has grown tremendously. Before training with her, I was trained to look at computed values and norms. But Mary Tracy taught me how to look at the raw EEG and understand it. I found it very empowering for my practice. Now I can do an EEG recording, read it, compute it, and verify if the computations are correct according to the raw EEG. Great coaching, in addition with all the clinical knowledge she shares and a great positive energy from Dr. Mary Tracy.

Leonard Belime


Mary really knows functional neuroanatomy and has been very helpful in helping me grasp the material on a practical and clinical level.

Manuj Nangia, MD, MPH, MS

Medical Director Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Yale School of Medicine Diplomate, American Psychiatric Association San Jose Integrative Wellness Center Addiction Medicine – Behavioral Health – Wellness Holistic & Individualized Integrative Treatment,

In 2018 I enrolled on the Neurofeedback Certification course, which was being held for the first time in London. I travelled from a city called Newcastle which was 4 hours by train and arrived in London really excited about the 4 days ahead of me.

Dr. Mary Tracy had travelled from Davis California to teach the course and after reading about her career and background I felt confident I would learn a lot. By the beginning of day three I was feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of what I was learning and felt completely out of my depth. I quietly left the training room, walked over to Camden Market, sat on a bench, and cried for about twenty minutes. That evening, my phone rang. It was Dr. Tracy. She’d noticed that I had left the training and asked if I would go in early the next morning so she could spend some time with me and help. I arrived early the next morning and Dr. Tracy was waiting with a lovely smile. We spent some time talking and during that time not only did I feel reassured and supported, but I also felt validated and heard. Mary also offered to mentor me in my work, as she felt that my background and education as a Psychotherapist would really support my Neurofeedback work.

My experience of training with Dr Mary Tracy has changed my life in so many ways. She became my mentor and through that relationship I’ve learnt so much, but more than that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the most caring, generous, supporting person you could ever wish to meet. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without Dr Mary Tracy, so if you have the opportunity to be trained by her or mentored by her, grab it with both hands and don’t let go because not only will you learn so much from her, but your life will be greatly enriched by the experience.

Sara Young


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Your instructor

Mary L. Tracy, MA PhD MFT BCN, QEEG-D

Mary L. Tracy

MA PhD MFT BCN, QEEG Diplomate
BCIA and IQEEGCB Didactic & in-person instructor

Dr. Mary was classically trained as an EEG tech in the early 70's in a research and performance lab with the US Department of the Navy and at University and VA hospitals in Neurology departments. She is a licensed psychotherapist in the State of California and has practiced for 32 years. Her current passion as an EEG educator for MindMedia USA and Stens Academy is the didactic and practical instruction of clinicians and techs who desire foundational or advanced knowledge and training in EEG Neurofeedback and Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG).

Dr. Mary is a certified EEG mentor who mentors professionals internationally for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and the International qEEG Certification Board certifications.

Guest Instructor

John S. Anderson MA, LADC, BCB, BCN, QEEGD

John S. Anderson

MA, LADC, BCB, BCN, QEEG Diplomate
BCIA online instructor

As a student of holistic and traditional healing methods for more than 30 years, I have worked to blend this knowledge and experience with the most current research in psychology, neurophysiology and developmental neuro-technology. My goal has been to create a powerful, effective method for change.

I began working with biofeedback and neurofeedback in 1974. My clients have included children and adults with ADHD and other learning problems, chronic pain, addiction disorders and much more. I currently maintain a private practice, provide consulting services for new and existing neurotherapy programs and work as an instructor, training others to become neurotherapy practitioners.

My masters degree is in psychology. I am licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor and certified in biofeedback and neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take this course?

This is 100% online course. Go through online presentations and videos from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

How long can I access this course?

After the course is purchased, the login is valid for a 3-month period. If you need more time to complete your course an extension is available (a fee is applicable).

If you would like to start the course at a later point in time, please notify us by responding to your order confirmation.

Do I get any certificate or accreditations?

Upon completion of the online course, you will take an exam, complete the course evaluation, and receive your certificate of completion with 36 CEU hours. This certificate demonstrates that you have fulfilled the didactic requirement for the International QEEG Certification Board Certification as a Diplomate or Technologist (same exam for both categories).

Remember to SAVE THE CERTIFICATE that you will receive from us! This document will be necessary for you to transmit to the IQEEGCB if you decide to apply for that credential.