What is Quantitative EEG?

A statement from the International QEEG Certification Board (IQEEGCB):

“A Quantitative EEG is the outcome of a computerized process that transforms brainwave recordings into digital equivalents one can organize into graphs and pictures that are helpful in diagnosis and in guiding treatment. The values used to create these outputs are correlated to a normative database of healthy brains within the age range of the subject. While skillful reading of raw EEG remains the usual way to identify physiological problems, Quantitative EEG can more readily reveal functional patterns that inform training for behavioral change.
Creating a Quantitative EEG involves more than learning to use sophisticated software. A major skill is knowing how to separate unrelated inputs, called artifact, from genuine brainwaves; another is understanding what information the patterns of the brainwaves themselves may hold. And, of course, the practitioner must gain the knowledge and insight to interpret the QEEG they create. Gaining this knowledge and skillset speaks clearly to the need for certification, as well as the professional value and prestige certification brings.”

EEG Strategies with Dr. Mary

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